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Growing up in rural Southern Ohio surrounded by tall trees and beautiful hills and valleys, I have always had a fascination with nature. As a child I immersed myself in the outdoors, longing to feel dirt under my fingernails, pick flowers, collect rocks and feathers and spend time with any little creature that would let me. When I was young my mother started a floral shop. I worked there for many years among the plants and live flowers and became even more interested in plant medicine and herbalism. I started taking classes and reading as much as possible. I began collecting medicinal plants, starting seeds in the winter, digging in the dirt in the spring, harvesting my rewards in the fall and starting the process all over again the following year. I fell madly in love with plants and started making herbal preparations for myself. 

Being very concerned about animal welfare, I had been using natural and organic products for many years, including handmade soap. It was so exciting for me to go to festivals, get my hands on and smell those gorgeous handmade soaps. I could feel the love and care that had been put into each one of them. I enjoyed talking to soapmakers about their process. It was something I always wanted to try but managed to always talk myself out of doing. And then one day I just decided to go for it! So that's what I did. I bought books, watched videos, got my supplies and safety equipment and made soap. Once I was confident enough, I let friends and family try my soap. They gave rave reviews and I decided to start selling it.

I like to incorporate plants from my garden into my work whenever possible, source ethically and sustainably and bring you safe ingredients.  I want you to love my products and feel special when you use them. 


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Mailing Address: 515 Second Street Portsmouth, OH 45662

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